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Please be wary of companies that solicit you to purchase a copy of your recorded deed for more than a couple of dollars. Copies of property deeds can be obtained for a small fee at your Registry of Deeds office.

Welcome to the Merrimack County
Registry of Deeds

Document images are available beginning with Book 1 up to current day on the Merrimack Registry search website.

We are continually backtracking to capture prior years and add the index data to the document images and typically update that information on a daily basis.

Index information is available from 1920 to current day for all Grantor Records. Index information for Grantee records is currently available from approximately 1950 to present day.

Updates of our current records are usually done every few minutes, so the most up to date information is available to our users.

Interested in learning more about the benefits of Electronic Recording with our office? Want to save time, money, driving and parking hassles?

If you are interested, please contact us via phone or email using the contact information on the left hand side.


Merrimack County is the third largest County in New Hampshire. It is located in the Merrimack River region in the south central part of the State. It was named for the river and includes two Cities and twenty-five Towns.


The office is easily accessible from I-93N and I-93S at exit 14, left or right, to Main Street intersection, follow signs for Main St. right at the lights of Main Street and then left onto Court Street immediately to the right of the Merrimack County Administration Building, which will be on your left, it is a two story brick building. Parking is available in the lot behind the Administration building and on the streets adjacent to the building.