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Inclement Weather Closure

The Registry of Deeds will be closed Thursday, January 26, 2023, due to inclement weather.


Notice of postal rate increase beginning January 22, 2023

Please refer HERE

1-3 pages $.63
4-6 pages $.87
7-10 pages $1.50
11-14 pages $1.74
15-17 pages $1.98
18-26 pages $2.22
27-32 pages $2.46
33-38 pages $2.70
39-44 pages $2.94
45-50 pages $3.18
51-56 pages $3.42
57-62 pages $3.66
63-68 pages $3.90
69-75 pages $4.14
76+ pages must be weighed as a parcel.
Plans will be weighed as a parcel


Fraud Alert

Beware of title fraud and spurious claims against your property. Fraud Alert will notify you when your property becomes subject to a recording.

To register your property for FRAUD ALERT:
Please check on "Search Registry Records."
On the top blue ribbon, check "Recording Activity Notification"
Fill out the requested information.


E-filing Document Requirements

• Submitters name and address in the upper left of page 1
• Choose correct document type. i.e. warranty deed select WRNTY... quitclaim select QC from the dropdown
• Tax stamp dollar amount must be written or typed to the left of the document type. This improves recording accuracy and cross checks dollar amounts.
• NH Housing Finance Authority is exempt from recording fees. Please check box to remove fees prior to submitting. (Simplifile)
• Federal,State,Town and Municipalities are exempt from State of NH L-Chip fee. Please check LCHIP Fee Exempt box prior to submitting. (Simplifile)
• E-filed death certificates require the raised seal to be darkened prior to submitting, done generally with pencil or graphite.
• Incomplete documents will be returned un-recorded.

Document images and index are available from 1823 to present on our search website. Our records are updated every few minutes.